The Philosophy of Science

The Philosophy of Science examines essential philosophical questions pertaining to scientific methodology. Some of the scientific methods that students will explore are probability, statistics, and the status of scientific theories, to answer questions such as:

  • Can science uncover The Truth about Reality?
  • Does The Truth about Reality even exist?
  • Is The Scientific Method genuine?
  • If The Scientific Method is real, how can it be acceptable?
  • How do our consciousnesses interact with the physical world?
  • Can science explain to us everything that we can know?
  • Does Mathematics really give us accurate answers?
  • Has science disproven God's existence?
  • Is it wrong to believe in astrology?

Our classes do not seek to convince you of "the definitive answers" to any of the questions above. The issues concerning the philosophy of science are discussed in a way, which enables student to think vigilantly and critically.

Students interested in the Philosophy of Science should consider the 'Logic and Philosophy of Science' major. This course combines History and Philosophy of Science and Philosophy subjects.